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One-stop shop
to create

one-stop shop to create

The House of Entrepreneurship is directed just as much towards aspiring independent entrepreneurs as to established businesses, and supports them:

  • with the formalities associated with trading and export;
  • with the processes involved in the creation, sale or acquisition of a business, and particularly in the area of right of establishment;
  • with useful information and advice on legal and tax matters;
  • via networking through its initiatives and those of its local partners.

one-stop shop to transfer

The House of Entrepreneurship also provides advice on selling or buying businesses, and puts vendors and buyers in touch with one another. Its advice is multi-discipline and covers the key stages of the process of transferring a business. Introductions between vendors and buyers are completely confidential. To facilitate searches for future buyers, we have launched the one-stop shop to prevent scheme, a specific referral and advice unit linked to an online sale-and-purchase platform.

A specific ten-module training course called “acquiring a business in practice” has also been designed in collaboration with the House of Training.
Each module is led by a practising trainer and rounded out with contributions from transfer professionals and testimonies from people who have bought companies.

one-stop shop to go digital

In response to the various challenges involved in the digitisation of businesses, the House of Entrepreneurship provides IT support to young enterprises in their efforts to incorporate digital transformation into their business models.

This support, provided in collaboration with Luxinnovation, takes three forms:

one-stop shop to network

By putting entrepreneurs and key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in touch with one another, the House of Entrepreneurship facilitates the hatching of new enterprises.

It holds specific workshops, lectures and free working sessions on matters of topical interest to entrepreneurs, aiming to inform its target audience and raise its awareness.

The House of Entrepreneurship is also represented in the Luxembourg Business Angels Network (LBAN), a platform for private investors and promoters of seed-phase entrepreneurial projects to meet and network.

one-stop shop to grow

The one-stop shop to grow offer aims at raising awareness towards the importance for the future entrepreneur to carefully prepare a business plan in the context of a professional loan application and in other situations.

Free workshops are offered during the Entrepreneurs' Days to meet these objectives.  

Once the company launched, the creator/buyer will get the opportunity to discuss the business model with a consultant during a one-to-one meeting.

one-stop shop to facilitate

The House of Entrepreneurship is a first-class partner for anything to do with exports or traceability and securing of trade transactions.

For example it can take care of:

  • issue of certificates of origin;
  • legalisation of documents;
  • issue of LuxTrust electronic certificates;
  • issue of ATA carnets for temporary exports.

one-stop shop to prevent

Through its one-stop shop to prevent schem, the House of Entrepreneurship offers support to enterprises in difficulty.

The purpose of the scheme is to help business managers from both a preventive and a curative standpoint.

This support is offered in two ways:

  • training courses (established in accordance with the entrepreneur’s specific needs) through the House of Training;
  • Personalised advice provided by experts (notably lawyers and accountants) to enable entrepreneurs to take stock of their business situation and find new ways to solve the problems they encounter.

one-stop shop to finance

The one-stop shop offers practical assistance with access to bank financing, through its key partner MC (Mutualité de Cautionnement).

The MC guarantee provides entrepreneurs with an effective means of supporting their loan requests and influencing their banks’ terms and conditions.


House of Entrepreneurship
Opening hours : monday to friday : 8:30 - 17:00
Tel : ( +352 ) 42 39 39 - 330
Email : info(at)

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14, rue Erasme
L-1468 Luxembourg-Kirchberg
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BP 3056
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Initiated by

Chambre de Commerce Ministère de l'Économie

In partnership with

1535°, ADEM, Administration de l’Environnement, Chambre des Métiers, Digital Lëtzebuerg,, ITM, IPIL, LBAN, LBR, Luxinnovation, MC, nyuko, Paul Wurth InCub, SNCI, Technoport, Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes, Ministère de la Santé, Ministère de la Digitalisation - CFUE - Betriber & Emwelt - LIST.

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