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Creation & Business guidance

The House of Entrepreneurship is aimed both at individuals with entrepreneurial projects as well as already established companies.

To get your project off to a good start, the House of Entrepreneurship is available to any business creator on 3 different sites:

Make an appointment with an advisor

The team assist future entrepreneurs via the following ways:

  • In their business creation procedures and particularly in terms of legal procedures of establishment,
  • Giving useful information and advice on business management topics (e.g. tax, legal),
  • Networking assistance through its initiatives and those of its partners on site

It also supports entrepreneurs in building their entrepreneurial vision, from the idea to the launching of the business, by providing essential knowledge in the following areas: 

  • rapid modeling of an initial concept, in particular through the Business Model Canvas (BMC) methodology, which allows a quick determination of the viability of an idea before starting the to work on a detailed business plan;    

  • writing a business plan and drawing up a financial forecast, which are essential during the implementation phase of a business project whose main assumptions have already been validated. 

E : info(at) 

T: (+352) 42 39 39 330


By connecting entrepreneurs with our partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the House of Entrepreneurship facilitates the creation of new businesses.

The House of Entrepreneurship offers introductory videos of the actors of the ecosystem and exchange sessions between project leaders.

E : info(at)

T : (+352) 42 39 39 330




The digital revolution is impacting all organizations, and their survival depends on their ability to transform and reinvent  themselves. Therefore, the House of Entrepreneurship supports companies while establishing their future digital strategies. 

This assistance is provided via:

  • An eligibility form that will allow you to analyse the digital eligibility of your company. 
  • Awareness-raising with numerous workshops carried out by experts

The House of Entrepreneurship also supports you in the implementation of digital solutions through the SME Packages - Digital. The SME Packages - Digital help companies to quickly implement digital solutions with the help of an expert, while being guided by a consultant in the implementation of the digital strategy. The package is divided into the following areas

  • Digital marketing: creation or improvement of your website, campaigns on social networks...
  • Management system: cash register, software specific to your business sector, ERP...
  • Electronic invoicing: ERP system with a module for electronic invoicing...

The expertise of the official service providers will then enable the implementation of a digital tool that will be supported by a digital voucher with a maximum of 5,000 EUR from the General Directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Ministry of the Economy. 

E : digital(at)

T : (+352) 42 39 39 840



The life cycle of a business is complex and involves many twists and turns. This leads to readjustments and perpetual questioning.

The House of Entrepreneurship assists business leaders wishing to develop, optimise, turn around, dispose of or terminate their business while taking stock of their situation through a personalised check-up. 

This service will thus make it possible to determine the priorities that are to be implemented while offering tailor-made support thanks to a network of external partners.

In addition, through SME Packages - Service, entrepreneurs can obtain SMART proposals that can be directly implemented within the company to improve the customer experience. The SME Packages - Service are divided into the following areas

  • Atmosphere: customer journey, atmosphere of your commercial space...
  • Customer relations: understanding the needs of your customers, personalising the service, interactions and attitude to adopt with your customers. 
  • Products: coherence between the offer, the customer target and the quality-price ratio of your products and services...

The expertise of the official service providers will be supported by a voucher of up to EUR 6,000 from the General Directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Ministry of the Economy. 

E : support(at)

T : (+352) 42 39 39 850

Business Transfer

The House of Entrepreneurship provides advice on business transfer and connects the transferor and the buyer. Its advice is multidisciplinary and covers the key stages of the business transfer process. Contacts between sellers and buyers are carried out in complete confidentiality. To facilitate the search for future buyers, a national business transfer platform has been launched.

This platform, resulting from a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Skilled Trades and the Ministry of Economy General Directorate for middle classes, is intended to bring together all offers for the sale and takeover of all companies established in the Grand Duchy.

A specific training "taking over a business in practice" intended for buyers, in several modules, was also designed in collaboration with the House of Training.

E : support(at)

T : (+352) 42 39 39 850


Regardless of your company's field of activity, sustainability is a key issue for the future. The Sustainability Quick Check aims to assess your company's maturity in terms of sustainable development and to identify current needs and priorities.

Through the SME Packages - Sustainability, entrepreneurs can be individually accompanied in the identification of a concrete solution with the help of an expert to reduce the environmental impact and generate a reduction in energy or water consumption, an improvement in waste management or a reduction in the carbon footprint.

The SME Packages - Sustainability, are divided according as following:  

  • Energy: implementation of energy reduction tools
  • Water: implementation of water use reduction tools
  • Waste: implementation of waste management tools
  • Carbon footprint: carbon assessment and action plan

The expertise of the official service providers will then enable the implementation of a tool that will be supported by a voucher of up to EUR 5,000 from the Ministry of the Economy's Middle Classes Department.

E : sustainability(at)

T : (+352) 42 39 39 450

In addition, to facilitate access to information and to support businesses in the procedures related to energy saving and related public aid, the House of Entrepreneurship teams can be reached via the dedicated "Energy" helpline.

This service informs you not only about basic energy saving measures, but also about the various aid schemes in place to compensate for rising energy prices and to facilitate the energy transition.

E : energie(at)

T : (+352) 42 39 39 700

Mutuality loan guarantee

Entrepreneurs can benefit from assistance in accessing bank financing, via a key partner, the Mutualité de Cautionnement . The objective of the Mutuality loan guarantee is to compensate for the lack of guarantees of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing a guarantee. The Mutuality loan guarantee de Cautionnement can act as a guarantor with approved credit institutions when the guarantees provided by the entrepreneur prove to be insufficient.

The financing service also offers advice on the financing methods that a company can benefit from as well as an explanation of the various state aids available on the Luxembourgish market.

E : cautionnement(at) 

T : (+352) 42 39 39 878


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