17.07.2023 16:46

Launch of primo-creation assistance: The House of Entrepreneurship is by your side!

Since early July 2023, Luxembourg  has introduced a support scheme for newly created businesses, initiated by the Ministry of the Economy in close collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Skilled Crafts. The aim of the scheme is to help new entrepreneurs, launching a business for the first time in Luxembourg, to improve their skills in the fields of commerce and skilled crafts, and to support them financially during the first months of operations. 

Which support is provided?  

The aid scheme consists of a capital subsidy of up to 12.000 euros, paid in 6 tranches to a new micro-enterprise run by a first-time entrepreneur, after an application requesting the aid has been duly completed and submitted to the Department of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of the Economy.  

The two professional chambers are promoting a short and practical training course governing access to the aid, designed on the basis of a common educational programme. In addition to guiding and informing applicants according to the nature of their activity, both professional chambers are supporting entrepreneurs by offering this practical training focused on key business management knowledge and skills, that would be likely to help new entrepreneurs succeed with their business launch. 

Who is eligible for this support scheme? 

This scheme is intended for newly created micro-enterprises, as defined by 651/2014 (UE) Regulation

  • who have held a commercial or craft business permit to carry out a new activity on a principal basis in Luxembourg for no more than 6 months; 

  • who have their own premises that are not used for residential purposes. 

Takeovers of existing businesses are not eligible for this aid, even when business buyers are starting up for the first time.  

Requirements for applicants 

When submitting an application, the business manager as defined by the establishment law, meaning the holder of the business permit for the targeted enterprise (sole proprietorship or company) must: 

  • not have held a business permit in their own name or for a company in the past 10 years (including equivalent abroad); 

  • have completed a management training programme recogniszed by the professional chambers; 

  • not hold more than 25% of shares in another company with its registered office in Luxembourg or abroad; 

  • must not be receiving a retirement or disability pension, a salary or other professional income, unemployment benefits, social inclusion income, or any other replacement income, in Luxembourg or abroad. 

The training exemption is possible under certain circumstances.  

Information request 

For commercial-driven projects, the House of Entrepreneurship is ready to assist you. You can contact an advisor by phone at +352 42 39 39 330 or via info(at)houseofentrepreneurship.lu 

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