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Finalists CYEL 2019

The 13th edition of CYEL Gala was held on 6th June 2019, with the finalists awarded for their innovative projects.

Launched in 2007 by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg (CYEL) competition aims to promote entrepreneurship among young people between the ages of 18 and 40 and to reward innovative ideas from young entrepreneurs in Luxembourg.

JCI is an international organization that has already developed similar projects in other cities and nations.  JCI Luxembourg looks forward to seeing one of our national Champions competing with other European and International winners.  JCI supports their personal and company growth, through its global and local network.

The Gala evening and prize-giving ceremony was organised at the prestigious Chamber Of Commerce, with a welcome speech by Guylaine Bouquet-Hanus, host of the event, reminding to all entrepreneurs that the Chamber of Commerce and House of Entrepreneurship is there to help all of them to succeed.

Master of Ceremony
Pedro Castilho, JCI Alumni and former President, Owner of Verbalius, a public speaking specialized company, lead the ceremony as master of the Gala this year. Pedro shared as well his personal insight about his experience as entrepreneur.

Guest speaker
Karine Schintgen, CEO of House of Start Up, who provided an overview of the eco-system in Luxembourg, and shared her personal view of the spirit of entrepreneurship, honoured the Gala. The key message was clear: we all need here in Luxembourg to start changing the mindset and go beyond our comfort zone. Entrepreneurship is just at the end.

Jury composition
The three finalists were selected amongst ten candidates, after an initial selection amongst 30 applications. The jury was composed by:

  • BGL BNP Paribas: Antoine Aziz and  Philippe Neven, conseiller client entreprise
  • Bonn Steichen&P.: Carolina Vasselli, (Junior Associate), Sara Gentile (Marketing Director)
  • Docker Holdings: Martin  Flop, Chief Operating Officer
  • Antoine Hron, winner CYEL 2018
  • KPMG: Patrick Wies, partner
  • Lalux:  Jerome Wiwinius, fondé de pouvoir, Responsable Corporate
  • Luxembourg  House of Financial Technology: Alex Panican, Head of Partnership
  • LuxInnovation:  Stefan Berend, Head of Start Up Accelerator
  • Smile:  Fabrice Dewasmes Head of Innovation   
  • Telindus: Frank Roessig, Head Digital Solutions for Finance

Some interesting statistics from the 2019 edition:

  • 38 young entrepreneurs contacted
  • 28 applications received, half of them from women, amazing result for the gender equality target;
  • 4 ideas and projects related to social and sustainable projects;
  • 4 projects were related to children in general, confirming once again that Luxembourg is definitely a country for families;
  • Few other projects were dedicated to sustainable economy;
  • A lot of ideas related to tax and accounting industry;
  • 2 were dedicated to the fashion industry;
  • More than 50% consisted in a digital solution.  

The final winners

1st Yannik Bontinckx  with Ziggu
He is first of all the proud father of Gustav and husband of Christine. Originally from Ghent in Belgium, he is now one of the founders and CEO of Ziggu, a Luxembourg based software company helping property developers to become more customer-centric. He is passionate about technology, travelling and historical books. As an architect by training and a former property developer himself, he's also very interested in real estate, design and art.

Award given by Marie-Paule Schroeder, Directrice de Centre d’Affaires Entreprise.


2nd Patrick Malget with
Patrick, aged 35 and born in Luxembourg, discovered his interest for Economics as a teenager, and he pursued his studies in this field in Grenoble and Montreal. After graduating, he worked for 3 years in the private sector as a project manager, before becoming a teacher in economics. Promoting entrepreneurship on a daily basis at school, Patrick decided to follow his own entrepreneurial side and launched in 2018. 

Award given by Jerome Wiwinious, Fondé de pouvoir et Responsable Corporate, Lalux


3rd Pierre Beck and Catherine Hoffmann with Fox Beer
Fox Drinks Luxembourg was founded by the young couple Catherine & Pierre. 

The idea of a "low-carb" beer was born after Pierre started a "low-carb" diet and could not find any beer that suited his new lifestyle.

In collaboration with the famous research brewery in Weihenstephan, they developed a new brewing process and launched the first low-calorie, low-carb & sugar-free beer in Luxembourg in 2016. 

3 years later, Fox Drinks has reached the break-even point, they recently launched a new low-carb sparkling wine and a second low-carb beer and they even distribute their products outside of Luxembourg.

Award provided by Patrick Weis, partner KPMG

COUP de COEUR - Flavia Carbonetti with My
Flavia Carbonetti is a Fashion Designer that in March 2018 launched Einfühlung: a new conscious unisex brand based on Circular Economy, designed in Luxembourg and made in Italy with sustainable materials. The founding philosophy at the core of the brand is to create clothes that can be shared between men and women and loosen gender barriers.

By bringing the Italian Sartorial tradition into her contemporary pieces, Flavia obtains a result that respects the artisanal “savoir-faire” and adapts it to our society’s daily challenges. 

Award given by Carolina Vassalli, Junior Associate at Bonn Steichen & Partners


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