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Support for companies for the introduction of new aid applications

As part of the Business Recovery and Solidarity Fund, new aid has been enacted on 17 December, 2020. 

Among others, a new aid to cover company’s costs from November 2020 to March 2021. This aid, named aid for non-covered costs, is for businesses of all sizes of the following sectors: tourism, events, HoReCa, culture, entertainment, and vocational training. The full list of eligible activities can be found here. 

The aid will be calculated on a monthly basis considering the uncovered costs of companies between 1 November 2020 and 30 March 2021. In order to be eligible, the business must have suffered a loss of at least 40%.  The maximum contribution is of:

  • 70% of the uncovered costs for medium and large enterprises, and
  • 90% of the uncovered costs for micro and small enterprises. 

Thereby, the maximum amount of the aid cannot exceed the amounts of:

  • EUR 20,000 per month for a microenterprise,
  • EUR 100,000 per month for a small business, and
  • EUR 200,000 per month for a medium and large enterprise.  

Applications for this aid must be made monthly and must reach the Ministry by 15 May 2021 at the latest. You can find all the details about this aid via this link (in French).  

Further, a new recovery fund for businesses, however not cumulative with the aid above, was also confirmed. Thus, to all sectors eligible for the aid of uncovered costs, the retail activity in stores is also eligible for the new recovery fund.  

This aid remains linked to the condition that the company has suffered a loss in monthly turnover of at least 25% and is calculated based on the number of employees and self-employed workers of the company. The maximum amount of the monthly capital subsidy is of:

  • EUR 1,250 per self-employed person and per active employee during the month for which the aid is requested, and
  • EUR 250 per employee on full partial unemployment during the requested month. 

For this recovery aid, requests must reach the Ministry by 15 May 2021 at the latest. You can find all the details for this help here (in French). 

The House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce is at your disposal to analyse with you the different eligibility conditions. Thereafter, we can explain all the specific conditions of the aid and inform you about the necessary documents to obtain the aid as well as inform you about other needs during the pandemic (need for financing, additional guarantees from the Mutualité de Cautionnement, etc.). As soon as all the documents have been collected, an appointment can be made to complete the application.  

In addition, webinars in Luxembourgish and French will be held in partnership with the General Directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Ministry of the Economy to facilitate the understanding of the new aid announced and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might still have. You can find the link to register for the webinars in Luxembourgish here and in French here

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