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Solid support for businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

#ReAct – Launch of new support programme for businesses

After setting up numerous emergency measures to support businesses that have been fundamentally disrupted by the COVID-19 health crisis, the House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce is extending its range of services. To enable businesses to deal as effectively as possible with the economic downturn and to help them define and implement their recovery strategy, the House of Entrepreneurship has launched the #ReAct project.

In this unprecedented health crisis, the challenges for businesses are enormous. Faced with the extent of the socio-economic crisis caused by COVID-19, the Chamber of Commerce continues to be proactive, as the recovery will be slow, progressive, and not without difficulties. ‘With the launch of the #ReAct programme, we stand with businesses in order to get through this difficult time and we offer them custom-made support to better prepare for recovery. We are convinced that through a collective effort, many businesses will be able to get back on track and navigate the effects of this crisis’, said Carlo Thelen, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce.

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Between government imposed closures, employees on leave due to family reasons, drastic drops in clientele due to confinement, and sometimes simply isolation itself, the challenges are numerous, and many entrepreneurs feel helpless. Nevertheless, this major crisis can also bring opportunities and beneficial changes for businesses.

A three-pillar programme for better crisis management

#ReAct was designed to help entrepreneurs who are looking for active listening and strategic support in managing this crisis period, and in restarting their activity, through three pillars: (1) community-based sharing of experiences and tools, for example online workshops, (2) personal check-ups to monitor the current situation and identify the challenges faced by the entrepreneur, and (3) the implementation of a concrete action plan as well as human, strategic and legal support for businesses.

Today more than ever, solidarity is essential to help businesses get through this unprecedented crisis. Tom Baumert, CEO of the House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce, is therefore thrilled by the collective commitment and  support of the numerous partners who have committed to this project, namely: Acdcourtalux, Allen & Overy, Association des coachs professionnels ICN Business School, Baden Clemes Starowicz, BDO, Business Mentoring Luxembourg, clc, Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), Eurogroup Consulting Luxembourg (ECL), Horesca, KPMG, Muller & Associés, NautaDutilh Avocats Luxembourg, Nosbusch Feltz Greden, Nyuko, Prospactive, Soffia, Stibbe Avocats, Volckrick & Associates.

Find the online workshops, tools and entrepreneurial testimonies on 

For more information, the #ReAct team can be reached by telephone: 42 39 39-850, or e-mail: support(at)


In order to deal with financial difficulties, and especially cash-flow problems, the Chamber of Commerce has set up a specific bond via its Mutualité de Cautionnement in the form of a guarantee for companies that need credit or a bank loan.This guarantee will be up to 50% of the credit and cover a maximum amount of EUR 250,000 per guarantee.The House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce has also set up a new helpline to provide businesses with real-time information on various themes, such as partial unemployment or state aid set up by the authorities and the Chamber of Commerce. 


 The number to reach the helpline is: 42 39 39 – 445and the email address






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