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Go Digital – Video creation – A key tool to promote your business – ENG

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
House of Entrepreneurship | 14 Rue Erasme | 1468 Luxembourg


Level 2

Practical workshop: Spotlight on the digital tool & demo.

Videos have become an inseparable part of our personal lives as well as a valuable tool for business promotion. Whether it’s for a product, a service, or an online shop, being able to create and share amazing videos with an audience is a must in today’s business world.

The main goal of this workshop is to learn how to create a promotional video for your company. We are going to provide you with all the required information to get your video strategy in place and help you produce a high-quality video. You will learn the basic theory, concepts, tips, and recommendations for each stage of the video production process:

 Part1: Pre-production:

  • What defines high-quality video content
  • Why you should start by developing a video strategy and creative concept

Part2: Production

  • The basics of filmmaking, video, and sound equipment
  • How you can film great videos with low budget equipment by yourself

Part3: Post-production

  • The basics of video and sound editing and publishing


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The Chamber of Commerce car park (7 rue Alcide de Gasperi - Kirchberg, 2981 Luxembourg) is at your disposal free of charge.

Go Digital, a program developed by the House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce.



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House of Entrepreneurship – One-Stop Shop

14, rue Erasme, L-1468 Luxembourg


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