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ONLINE WORKSHOP: What is the Cloud?

12:30 - 14:00

Type of Workshop: Level 1 Workshop

What will you learn?: You will learn about public cloud, its benefits, and interesting customer cases.

Who is it for?: For entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested to learn about the cloud, and why it is good for small businesses

About the workshop:

Join us in this workshop where you would be introduced to the exciting world of public cloud, and the benefits that it brings. We will share how companies like Netflix, Airbnb, Coca Cola, F1, and Moderna use the Cloud to increase operational efficiency and agility, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. Learn how startups and small businesses can benefit from using the cloud.

Presentation of the speakers:

Qian Qi Lau, Territory Manager, Amazon Web Services. Q Lau looks after AWS customers in Belgium and Luxembourg. She is passionate about all things cloud, and has 10 years of experience in sales, strategy, and project management in the technology space.  Originally from Singapore, Q came to Luxembourg for a ‘short stint’, and just like that it’s been an amazing four years in this beautiful country. She recently became a proud Mamazonian of a baby boy.


David Reischl, Public Sector Lead, Amazon Web Services. David Reischl has worked in Amazon for more than 5 years, and is responsible for supporting Public Sector customers in Luxembourg on their cloud journey. As a Luxembourgish himself, he speaks 6 languages and enjoys exploring new restaurants and travelling to different places: Costa Rica, Cuba, Croatia, Dubai, just to name a few. Ask him to show you his drone photos, they are amazing!



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